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Great outdoors,
Grass fed,
Local know how,
Animal welfare.

Healthy food

Our Aberdeen Angus cattle are bred outdoors (extensive farming) and only grass fed, with no inputs (no soya, no palm oil, no maize) to produce meat rich in Omega-3. From the birth to the weaning (8 months), Aberdeen Angus calves live outdoors, at pasture, with their mothers. From 8 to 18 months our Aberdeen Angus are grass-fattened up by our grazier-breeders in Normandy. From 18 to 24 months, our Aberdeen Angus are sent to our refiner where they are fed with grass and cereals produced by the farm to refine meat quality.


Local production

Our farming highlights the skills of our partner-breeders. These skills have been representing the roots of our breeding traditions for generations. We have implemented a unique system so that the consumer can taste constant-quality, 100% Aberdeen Angus meat, produced using local know-how, the traceability of origins and a special breeding mode.


Respect of animal welfare and environment

Partner-breeders of our farming sector commit themselves in keeping to breeding good practices and to caring for animal welfare by: Following up the traceability of the animals of the farm, Following up herd’s health, Providing healthy and balanced food to animals, Providing a secured transport of animals to the slaughterhouse located less than 30 minutes from the farm.


Respect of breeder’s work

To build a durable and responsible farming sector, we have been ensuring a guaranteed income, since 2009, to breeders committed to our Aberdeen Angus farming sector. To be able to look ahead and share the development dynamics of our sector, the breeder’s pay must be consistent and significant.