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We decided to choose the Aberdeen Angus, as it is a robust and hardy beef cattle. It is calm and genetically hornless.

This cattle benefits from many advantages:
– Mothering ability
– Ability to be fattened up (rapidly and easily)
-Excellent beef output (light skeletal structure)
– Very docile animals, that do not stress, thus producing a non-acid beef
– Growth precocity
– Hardiness
– Excellent « feed-conversion », this animal can manage, when grazing, to eat only grass, thus producing a lean, fine-grained, naturally marbled beef.


Black Angus Cows

Pure beef cattle

The Aberdeen Angus cattle produces dark red beef, with a nice and abundant cream-colour marbling, thus making a top-of –the-range beef.
Indeed butchers really like this meat because it can stand a long period of maturation.

To enhance and preserve all its qualities (marbling, tenderness, maturation), the Aberdeen Angus beef should be processed very carefully.
The Grands Chefs like it very much and starred restaurants include it to their menus.

viande bovine

Average birth weight
of a calf

from 34 to 39 kgs

Daily Average Profit

from 1100 to 1450 grams

First calving age

Between 23 and 25 months

Easy-birth rate

98,6 %